If your fire extinguisher has been set off, either in an emergency, or by accident, we can refill the extinguisher and, or, repressurise and have it back in service in no time, ensuring your safety in your home, business, place of worship, car, caravan, boat, shed, garage, town hall, dance group, sports grounds, or any other type of establishment that might need cover.  
All fire extinguishers, after they have been in service for five years or more, require an 'Extended Service', This will entail a discharge of the extinguisher, to ensure it would work in the event of an emergency. Once this is proved we can then inspect the rest of the extinguisher to ensure there would be nothing to contaminate the body, head or any other part of the extinguisher. Following this the extinguisher would be refilled and re-pressurised and then it can go back into service for a further five years. 
Carbon Dioxide extinguisher require discharge test and a complete overhaul every 10 years. Overhauls include; Hydraulic test, re-paint, refill and a new valve fitted. Overhauls will be carried out by service exchange and replaced with an appliance already tested or new. The discharge test can be used to provide staff training. 
We can and refurbish and recondition the following types and sizes of fire fighting equipment to BS5806:3 2003 
3 litre 
2 litre 
1 kg 
1 kg 
6 litre 
6 litre 
2 kg 
2 kg 
9 litre 
9 litre 
5 kg 
4 kg 
9.5 litre* 
6 litre *+ 
20 kg 
6 kg 
9 kg 
* denotes stainless steel 
*+ denotes Wet Chemical fire extinguisher (for cooking oil fires only)