Refilling of fire extinguishers doesn't apply ONLY to fire protection. Some of our customers purchase Carbon Dioxide extinguisher refills and resupply to use in their fish tank. 
Diffusers dissolve drops of gaseous Carbon Dioxide directly into the aquarium water, artificially creating the perfect environment for aqua-scaping. In the same way as garden plants, aquatic plants need lighting, fertilisers and Carbon Dioxide.  
We can supply you with a 2kg or 5kg fire extinguisher, subject to the amount of space you have surrounding your tank. When your extinguisher is depleted, we can refill or complete a service exchange, whereby we provide you with a full one, having taken your empty extinguisher away for refilling. 
We will remove the "horn" from the "head assembly" of the fire extinguisher, enabling your regulator to be attached. 
For further information or to receive a quotation, don't hesitate to contact us on 0121 745 8444 or complete the enquiry form to send us your information to enable us to make contact with you. 
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