If your Fire Extinguishers have been set off, either in an emergency or even by accident, we can refill the appliance and have it back in service in a very short time, ensuring your safety and well-being. It is imperative that your equipment is replenished if it has been triggered, because it may be your only means of escape and could potentially safe your life. 
Published recently; the NEW British Standard BS 5306-9:2015 incorporates two older standards, outlining all the requirements for the recharging of portable fire extinguishers. 
BS 5306-9:2015 is a key standard for architects, building owners and service engineers, to ensure that fire extinguishers are properly serviced, maintained and refilled, as well as ensuring there is adequate, fire protection throughout the building. 
Once a Fire Extinguisher has been in service for five years or more, it requires an 'Extended Service'; This will entail a discharge test of the Fire Extinguishing Medium to ensure that it would work in the event of a 'real fire' emergency. Once this has been proved to work correctly, we must then inspect the inside of the extinguisher to safeguard against any contamination of the body, the head, or any other part of the fire extinguisher. Following this, the extinguisher can then be refilled and re-pressurised and then go back into service for a further five years. 
We can refubish, refiill, overhaul and recondition all types and sizes of fire fighting equipment to the current British standards BS 5306 : 3 
10 YEAR OVERHAUL SERVICE (this applies to Co2 Extinguishers only) 
A carbon dioxide fire extinguishers requires a discharge test and a complete over-haul, after it has been in service for 10 years, from the initial date of installation. 
An over-haul is a hydraulic test; this means that the body of the extinguisher is filled with water, the extinguisher is then pressured to double it's normal working pressure and then it must survive a 40ft drop test. 
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